JUJUs are entirely handcrafted from start to finish. This means that before the shoes take actual shape, they undergo many, many hours of intricate hand-embroidery work by the artisans. This ensures that no two pairs are exactly the same.

You own an only-one-of-its-kind pair of shoes, that are nothing short of unique works of art for your feet. And like all works of art, they must be handled with care.

We would love for you to be able to enjoy your JUJUs for a long time. Here are some suggestions to make this possible:

  • Should you ever need to, any loose dirt may be removed using a mild cleanser with a soft damp brush or cloth.
  • If ever required, JUJUs must ONLY be dry cleaned.
  • We recommend always storing them in our beautiful muslin JUJU shoe-bags that we provide with each pair. This will keep the everyday dust away from them, and keep them looking bright & shiny.


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